Okay, I’m going to be 100% honest with you guys.  This wasn’t where I originally planned to end the chapter, but two factors came into play.

1) I couldn’t find any other places to stop in the story

2) I’m in desperate need of a break.  My actual job doing tech support for hospitals, has been increasingly more and more busy thanks to the pandemic, and I find myself getting increasingly more and more stressed out  because of it.  It’s gotten to point where I’ve had panic attacks, extreme emotional exhaustion, and just all around bouts of feeling absolutely putrid.

So with this point looking good, and my bday coming up, I’ve decided to stop here and take my usual two month break in hopes of destressing and getting some good ol’ fashioned RR so my brain can recoup.

I hope y’all understand and won’t hold this against me, because I really needed this.

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