Hey, guys.  Got some information to spill out here.  Seems over the last five days, Da Pukas got hit bad by some hackers.  I’ve been working hard with my server’s IT to get this resolved.

I think things are finally fixed, but as a side effect, I’ve lost the last few weeks of updates and had to reupload all the comics.  Because of this the past few weeks don’t really say anything in the news parts as I can’t remember what I said or who’s fanart I showed.  So please be understanding if I repeat several pieces of fanart in the future or if your fanart update was lost. I’ll try to spotlight your fanart again in a future update.

With all that said, let’s hope things stay good and stable from this point on.

Also there’s a special Halloween Da Pukas wallpaper available for second tier patrons on Patreon, so join up and get the wallpaper.  There’s a preview of it below.