I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a longer hiatus than planned.  Life has been very stressful the last month and it’s left me feeling some extensive artistic burn out where I’ve barely drawn anything.  Outside video title cards and the new Patreon wallpaper I haven’t drawn anything the last few weeks and have had little desire to, because I’ve just felt absolutely mentally and physically exhausted.  So unfortunately, I’m going to take another month off in hopes that I’m able to regain my inspiration and artistic desires.  This all feels weird and frustrating since I’m used to usually feeling the need to draw all the time, so feeling no desire to draw is very upsetting to me.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I at least mustered an Ali for y’all (which took me like 9 attempts to draw her to a level I was happy with).

Also there’s a new Patreon wallpaper for those who are on the Blood Orange Tier of my Patreon.  Join my Patreon so you can get this new wallpaper: